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Trainers and Instructors

Our fitness club has a team of professionals who are available to clients and willing to offer a helping hand whenever needed. The support and care of our members is a great honor and responsibility for us, which is why we are especially picky when selecting staff.

Meet our trainers and instructors!

Personal Trainer
Les Mills
Martina D.

Martina D.

Veronika D.

Veronika D.


At Next.Move, you can count on unique personalities with a passion for their work. personal approach and a high degree of professionalism. We know that you entrust us with the most valuable thing you have - your health.

"You don't have to believe in yourself, you just have to believe in your personal trainer."

Do you want to start training, prepare for a race or maybe push your own boundaries? Don't just rely on yourself. Sometimes it is good to entrust yourself to experienced professionals. Find your match. Work with a personal trainer whose personality type, specialization and schedule are compatible with your training goals and preferences.

The path to them will be defined, straightforward and without confusion. A personal trainer is the one who will remind you of your goals at times when you will not be able to remember them or motivate yourself enough. Together you will take small but measurable steps, conquer your own boundaries and celebrate success. The coach changes how you move, how you feel, how you look and how you think…

Which one of them will you adore and hate at the same time? Pick one…

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