Next.Move fitness club Vinohrady is now open!


Do you accept MultiSport/Sodexo/Edenred cards?

Our concept is based on a personal approach, state-of-the-art technology and a unique training experience, so it is not in our power to accept Multisport or Sodexo cards.

However, you are more than welcome to try our fitness club for free. Book your complimentary first visit at

Is it possible to purchase a one-time entry to the gym?

Yes, we offer one-time entry priced at 350 CZK per visit. Alternatively, you can use discounted package of 10 entries / 2490 CZK. They expire 6 months after purchase.

Do you also offer a membership for the Next.Burn classes?

Next.Burn classes are part of your Premium membership automatically.

May I pick the personal trainer myself (as part of the Next.You membership) or will you assign him to me?

We take pride in a professional approach, and therefore our goal is to match you with a trainer who will suit your needs as much as possible. But of course you can express your preferences and if the trainer is available, we will be happy to accept your request.

What is the Next.Burn class? Will I handle it as a beginner?

The class has 3 phases - warmup, interval workout, core workout & stretching. This is a 45-minute intensive interval training, where you combine exercises using SkillMill, plyo box and dumbbells. You don't just run on SkillMill, but for example you "climb uphill", do core workout or "ride a scooter". You can choose the intensity of the interval at your own speed and load, the instructor is your guide in picking the right intensity for your level of fitness. If you are more interested in exercise technique and less training intensity, we recommend the new NEXT.BURN INTRO class (Tuesday 18:30 & Thursday 18:00) starting April. They are designed at about 70% intensity and will help beginners to get better acquainted with the equipment and feel more confident in all exercises.

How does flexible membership work? Can I really cancel it any time?

Flexible membership can be terminated by a written application at least 7 days before the end of the calendar month for the next month. If you do not terminate your membership, it will be automatically renewed for the coming month.

Do you have towels available, please?

Yes, we offer towels to all our members, so you don't have to bring your own. They’re available at the front desk. Just please don't forget to return them to the bin specially designed for that purpose.

Are you planning to open more branches in Prague?

Yes! We are currently designing new fitness clubs in cooperation with top development projects in Karlín, Vinohrady and Smíchov. Within two years, you can look forward to a total of 5 Next.Move branches.

Will you offer other group classes than Next.Burn?

Yes! Along with the opening of new branches, we are also planning new unique group class concepts inspired by boxing, functional training or yoga, as well as LesMills® group classes.