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Intense full-body workout that is unmatched in the whole Czech Republic.

The ultimate combination of cardio and strength training

During the Next.Burn class, you will train your whole body using the unique non-motorized treadmill called SkillMill. It is completely controlled by you and responds to your movements. You will alternate speeds and resistance levels during the cardio part to engage all muscle groups. The strength part of the class will focus on exercises with your own weight, but you will also use plyo boxes and dumbbells. This unique combination of movements will rapidly increase the activity of your metabolism, and you'll be burning calories for hours after the class.

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Full Body Workout

You can train the strength and endurance of your whole body thanks to a unique combination of exercises on SkillMill, the use of dumbbells, and a plyo box.

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Burn 1000 Kcal

Boost your metabolism and burn calories during the class and after it, thanks to the "afterburn" effect.

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You will get sweaty! Short, intense running intervals and phases of strength and explosiveness guarantee faster heart rate and an excellent blood flow to your muscles.

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You will enjoy it! The electrifying atmosphere of the class will get you hooked! Get addicted to divine music sets and let yourself be motivated by the best instructors!

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Fits All

For all levels of fitness.
You're challenging your limits.

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Team building in 45 minutes? Here it is! Mutual motivation and sharing incredible energy with a group of enthusiasts make Next.Burn an exceptional class.

Experience the group class of the future.

"Next.Burn group classes are where we push the limits and get out of our comfort zone. The goal is not to destroy ourselves but to discover new opportunities to share enthusiasm and energy safely and with the support of a great community. We leave the ego in the locker room. Upon finishing the class, you feel rejuvenated and immediately book another session on your way home. The lesson is addictive because of the endorphins that flood your body, the great design studio that simulates the club atmosphere, catchy playlists, and the best and most motivating instructors.

Next.Burn is a passion!"

Veronika Benešová

Studio manager and personal trainer

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Does this unique way of HIIT training intrigue you? Would you like to try it? Just reserve a spot for free through the following link to the MySports app below. Those who already can't live without our signature classes can enjoy the perks of our Next.Level membership, which includes unlimited visits to all studio classes.

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