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Through a progressive asana structure in our heated vinyasa class, you'll build strength, flexibility and mental focus like never before.

Accept the challenge, push your limits and become stronger, both physically and mentally.

Enter our specially designed yoga studio heated to 41 degrees to discover a unique practice that will take your yoga journey to new heights. Inspired by the vibrant energy of California, our heated yoga classes combine the ancient wisdom of yoga with the added benefits of practicing in a heated room. Allow the heat to deepen your practice. Hot.Yoga in Next.Move offers a wide spectrum from calm, slower lessons, through more intense flows, to the very intense Hot Yoga Sculpt concept, where elements of strength training are used in combination with power yoga in a heated room. Exclusively available in our design yoga studio in the Karlín branch.

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The heat in our yoga studio allows your muscles to quickly warm up and become pliable, facilitating deeper stretches and increasing overall flexibility.

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Sweating during hot yoga helps release toxins from your body, supporting the natural detoxification process and leaving you feeling "cleansed".

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Hot Yoga challenges you physically and mentally, forcing you to overcome discomfort and build strength and endurance through each pose and sequence.

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Increased mental focus

Practicing yoga in a hot environment requires increased mental concentration, which helps you cultivate a calm and focused mind in challenging conditions.

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Stress Relief

The combination of heat, breathing and mindful movement in hot yoga promotes stress relief and relaxation, allowing you to relax and find inner peace.

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Body shaping

The intensity of hot yoga brings visible positive changes to your body. With each subsequent session, you build strength and tone muscles thanks to the involvement of all muscle groups.

Embrace the challenge, push your limits, and emerge stronger, both physically and mentally. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.

“Hot yoga has a transformative effect on most people. The heat not only allows us to access deeper levels of flexibility, but also serves as a catalyst for mental and emotional growth. I don't know a form of exercise that would develop more resistance and self-reflection in a person, and at the same time it is a physically very satisfying and often demanding training. We are the first in the Czech Republic to introduce Sculpt Yoga (originally from California). It is a hot power yoga combined with strength training and which will become an absolute hit on the Czech fitness market.”

Lenka Havlíček

Hot.Yoga instructor

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Are you interested in this unique way of yoga? Would you like to try it? Just book your spot for free by following the MySports app link below. Those who can no longer live without our classes can enjoy the benefits of our membership. Next.Level membership includes unlimited visits to all classes at all our locations.

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