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A worldwide group fitness phenomenon

Les Mills uses the latest trends in exercise, combining science, music, movement and breakthrough technology

Les Mills in the environment it deserves

The world's best instructors, perfectly developed movements and a community that extends beyond the czech borders. The global hit Les Mills has conquered fans of group classes literally all over the world with its concepts. New releases are revealed every quarter at spectacular events and are trained equally in all countries under the guidance of Les Mills certified trainers and to catchy original playlists. You can choose from cardio lessons, strength training, hiit workout, martial arts, dance or even yoga classes with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.

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Group strength training of the whole body using original barbells, steppers and plates. Bodypump shapes and strengthens the entire body, strengthens the core and improves bone health. Using THE REP EFFECT formula, a low-weight, high-rep workout, BODYPUMP develops lean, athletic muscles, boosts metabolism, and improves body composition.

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Les Mills Grit

Les Mills Grit's 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has STRENGTH, CARDIO and ATHLETIC sub-variants, and depending on the focus, you can expect either strength training for explosiveness and muscle building, bodyweight exercises at high heart rates that will get you in shape quickly, or multidimensional sports fitness training to increase your overall sports performance and agility.

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A new generation body and mind class that will improve your mind, body and life. The instructor guides you through a series of simple yoga moves, elements of Tai Chi and Pilates, while an inspiring soundtrack plays in the background of the class. All exercises include breath control and relaxation of the mind. Bring balance to your fitness

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This high-energy, martial arts-inspired workout is completely non-contact and there are no complex moves to master. The instructor will inspire you to increase the intensity and motivate you to get the most out of each round. You'll relieve stress, learn to fight back, and feel like a champion.

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Workout in the most fun form. The perfect combination of music, entertainment and dance. Sweat through your t-shirt, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the latest beats while you burn calories and shape up. Dancing is one of the most effective workouts. Leave your worries behind and become a music video dancer for an hour.

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A high-energy cardio class that is a symbol of endorphins and will satisfy both complete beginners and cardio professionals. The perfect combination of athletic movements such as running, lunges and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. Attack a large amount of calories and leave the class with a blissful sense of accomplishment.

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Les Mills Core

A workout focused on strengthening not only the deep abdominal muscles, inspired by the principles of elite athletic training. You build strength, stability, and endurance in the muscles that support your core, improve balance, help prevent injury, and become better at everything you do.

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“Once you experience Les Mills classes, you enter a whole new world of group fitness that gives you much more than just great workouts. You'll learn to push your limits, you'll fall in love with fitness challenges, you'll look forward to exercise, and you'll meet a great group of people who are guaranteed to grow into your heart. Les Mills is simply a lifelong fitness love!”

Veronika Benešová

Les Mills Nordic Master Trainer

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