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Get a bum of your dreams

If you're looking for a class that's a bit "booty heavy", we've got your back (side) covered with our original concept, which is exclusively available at our studio in Vinohrady. Next.Booty is a lower body workout using a stair stepper, dumbells, booty bands and plates to shape your bottom and increase strength and endurance.

This 50-minute workout specifically uses exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and other movements aimed at activating, strengthening and growing all three gluteal muscles. We focus on all aspects that guarantee the result and on training programs that go really deep. Led by passionate instructors to motivational playlists, the class will inspire you to push your limits and help you build the bum of your dreams.

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Strengthening the core

Bottom strengthening exercises are rarely isolated. Quite the opposite. The most effective way to strengthen the largest muscle in the body are complex exercises that involve the entire center of the body and thereby strengthen it naturally.

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Strength & cardio

At Next.Booty, we alternate the heart rate with the right combination of exercises. Cardio exercises while walking up the stairs or squats with a jump alternate with deadlifts or lunges with a heavy barbell. Each instructor will mix you his special training cocktail from both worlds.

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Growth at the right places

Women (and men) all over the world boast a firm and strong bottom, which is a symbol of health and strength. Stimulate the right parts in the most effective way and get your dream background.

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A well-chosen playlist is half the success of any training session. We hope we can agree on that. If you don't believe it, come and try a class in our design studio with pumped-up beats that you'll squat to naturally.

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Technogym Stairmaster

The deep step surface makes it easier to get on and the ToeSmart Design prevents you from pinching your toes between steps. Adjustable levels require more complex footwork and lead to maximum calorie burning.

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Having a nice, solid bottom is one thing, but building it with friends and like-minded enthusiasts is priceless. We are proud of our community and believe that together we will always do better.

Experience the group class of the future.

"The Next.Booty group class will help you push yourself to the very edge of your physical capabilities and achieve great results. It's a sophisticated concept that offers a wide range of variations, intensities and motivational training programs, and music will ensure an unforgettable experience that manifests itself with every step. The class is focused on building strength and shaping the lower body. Climbing the stairs has never been more fun.”

Kateřina Baudyšová

Next.Booty instructor

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Are you attracted to this unique concept? Would you like to try it? Just book your first free class through MySports using the link below. Those who already can’t live without our signature class can enjoy the perks of our Next.Level membership, which includes unlimited visits to all studio classes.

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