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A balance between intensity and recovery, strengthening and stretching, maximum performance and the ability to just be.

Connect all the senses

At Next.Yoga, we connect all the senses, which is why we create flow accompanied by modern music, which motivates us to graceful, dynamic movement and relaxation. We flow together, but everyone focuses individually on their own practice, feelings and flow. We practice in a spacious design hall in our branch in Vinohrady. Holešovice offers yoga seasonally on the outdoor terrace of the Astrid building, in which we are based. In the upcoming Next.Move branch in Karlín, we are already building a special yoga studio, which will allow us to expand the offer of body & mind classes not only in terms of capacity, but also with new yoga concepts that have no analogues in the Czech Republic.

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Motor skills and posture Icon

Motor skills and posture

Yoga is effective for strengthening the deep muscles in the core area of the body, which improves posture while protecting your back and keeping your posture straight. By training poses and nerve endings, we build motor memory and thus gain better movement coordination.

Stress management Icon

Stress management

The basis of yoga is work with breath, attention and release of tension in the body. These seemingly simple skills train the mind to calm down, helping to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Physical flexibility Icon

Physical flexibility

Yoga can increase your body's flexibility regardless of age, proportions or length of previous practice. This is due to the gradual stretching of the muscles and the increase in the range of motion in the joints. What is flexible does not break.

Harmony Icon


The word "yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit root "Yuj" which means "to unite". According to the yogic scriptures, the practice of yoga leads to the union between mind and body, man and nature, and thus perfect harmony in life.

Strength and stamina Icon

Strength and stamina

When you practice yoga regularly, you will soon find that a whole range of muscles that a person often forgets to use are strengthened, resulting in a deep strengthening of the body. The time spent in individual asanas teaches us patience and endurance.

Here and now Icon

Here and now

We create a space where you can be real, honest, non-judgmental…just be yourself in the present moment. During exercise, we perceive our breath, we are aware of each pose and how it affects us. This keeps us "here and now" and strengthens our ability to perceive and respect our body.

Physical and mental balance

“You don't have to be flexible, know the names of all poses or be spiritual in any way to be a part of Next.Yoga classes. You don't need to be anything at all, and that's what I like about our classes. In the Next.Move community, you don't have to worry about judgment, rivalry or unmet expectations. Come with an open mind and let yourself be guided. Practicing Next.Yoga will make you strong and flexible individuals not only physically, but also mentally. When you combine respect, humility, tenderness and strength, you become invincible on the way to your goals. Next.Yoga is a place where you don't have to prove anything to anyone. It is not a race or competition for the best "fighter". It is respect for one's own body, calming the vortex of thoughts and getting to know oneself and one's community."

Lenka Havlíček

Next.Yoga instructor

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Are you attracted to this unique concept? Would you like to try it? Just book your first free class through MySports using the link below. For those who can no longer live without Next.Yoga classes, we have Next.Level membership, which includes unlimited use of all studio classes.

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